August 29, 2005

time flies...

... when you're having fun!

Its been 3 mths since Linda and i eloped, and what an interesting time its been. I am honoured and happy that i can share my life experiences with another with someone as special as her. To me, it feels that linda has just about opened up and boy im thankful that this moment has arrived! We celebrated with style at Caminetto, located in the heart of The Rocks. A lovely quiant atmosphere that serves modern italian cuisine, the service that night was friendly and appropriated.

Touch Footy! Tonight we were up against last seasons runners-up. Our first half was marred by poor teamwork/communication. Second half we worked much better as we had designated dummy-half workers for complete sets who were supported by keen runners. We lost 4-5 but were completely in the game in the second half, we must of bombed 3-4 tries though. Personal highlights:

1) Putting my foot down and running as fast as i could (a rarity these days). Going from memory, Quek was first reciever from Dot, Quek gave a quick ball to Tone, Tone did his lovely 'i look dangerous/running at an angle/might pass/might run thru' thingomobob pulling his man towards the breakdown. My defender was lazy, so whilst tone ran at his hole, mine grew bigger - recieved a good ball, accelerated outta reach of my defender and was home!

2) Arrows. Ie, running the ball hard at a target. With seconds remaining in the game. Quek was dummy half. Tone was first hit, Christine was second on the right, i was third on left. With a quick hit from tone we got them on the back foot, quek was there quick and gave it quick to chirstine who picked up the tempo. Again quek gave it quick from dummy giving to yours truely who did his best to keep up the speed - with 1m to the try line i milked my touch - quek gave a good ball to christine!! All in a matter of 15sec. gg team.

Time to tend to assessments, cu :)

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August 16, 2005

Flour and water

City to Surf
On sunday my brother and his best friend Scott and I ran the 35th city to surf. It was awesome! We pass the starting line around 10:05, i crossed at 11:30 (approx 85mins) with the others following suit not long after. The mass of people, the weather, the scenery; just awesome! We started in the middle to rear of the 'Back of the Pack' which proved a fun experience dodging thru the crowd, scooping drinks along the way. Scott suffered the effects of smoking up Heartbreak hill, nat scootered off but was soon reeled in by yours truely. I highly reccomend to anyone that is considering partaking in the event to do so, even if your to walk the whole thing you will enjoy it!

Tonight touch footy kicked off at Artarmon Reserve. The team consists of the following elite:

Ellen and I

We won 6-2, 2 soft tries, in fact the last one scored in the last 5 sec where in front of the ref i touched the dudes foot before he grounded!! Scored 2, assisted 2. Personally played a fun fruitful game but the team performance was somewhat rusty. A good start to the season. Last thursday got linda to play social touch with tone and i in the uni lunch comp we drew 2-2. Finally, a story that may seem weird to you.

It had been less than 3 months, during which flour and water experienced many wonderful and fruitful memories. From the beginning the relationship was plutonic, they would make sauces and all kinds of cakes and goodies that they loved doing together. However as time went by, water became erratic. Varying in flow and temperature, in recent times water would run hot and in short splurges. Mixing with flour, the two combined to produce a thick gooey substance that neither of the two liked. Sometimes on the rare occasion, flour would not have enough water to work with and the net result was a bowl of flour with a thin layer of goo on top.

As flour did not and could not change its nature, it wondered what it could do to resolve this sticky mess. Flour wanted to talk to water, but water was not the best of substances to talk to as it ran deep in its pipes when not open for all to see. So flour lay there in its jar, wondering what it could do, feeling small and helpless.

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August 12, 2005


Some funnies posted on forum:

A police officer pulls a guy over for speeding and has the following exchange:

Officer:May i see your driver's license?
Driver:I don't have one.I had it suspended when i got my 5th DUI.

Officer:May i see the registration for this vehicle?
Driver:It's not my car.I stole it.

Officer:This car is stolen?
Driver:That's right.But come to think of it i saw the registration in the glove box when i was putting my gun in there.

Officer:There's a gun in the glove box?
Driver:Yes sir.That's where i put it after i shot and killed who owns this car and stuffed her in the trunk.

Officer:There's a BODY in the TRUNK?!?!

Hearing this,the officer immediately called his captain.
The car was quickly surrounded by police and the captain approached the driver to handle the tense situation:

Captain:Sir,can i see your license?
Driver:Sure.Here it is.

The license was valid

Captain:Who's car is this?
Driver:It's mine,sir.Here's is the registration.

The driver owned the car

Captain:Could you slowly open your glove box so i can see if there is a gun in it?
Driver:Yes,sir,but there is no gun in it.

Sure enough,there wasa nothing in the glove box

Captain:Would you mind opening your trunk? I was told you said there's a body in it.
Driver:No problem

Trunk is opened; no body

Captain:I don't understand it.The officer who stopped you said you told him that you didn't have a license,stole the car,had a gun in the glove box and there was a dead body in the trunk.

Driver:Yeah,I'll bet the lying sumbitch told you i was speeding too

Forbidden words during surgery

1. Oh well
2. you should have told me before i sew the cut
3. so, what surgery was this?
4. DoctorA> would you give me $10 if i made this with eye mask?
DoctorB> wwwffoo really? try it, i'll give you $15 for it
5. pass me staples
6. Oops!
7. who cares, just cut it!
8. *after surgery* i can't find the last scalpel mes
9. Doctor> Mr. Simpson we're going to anesthetize you now, count down to 0 from 10 please.
Patient> What? I'm Denberg... z.z..zZ...
10. WhaaAAAAT!!!? you want me to do it!!!?
11. doctor? have you washed your hands?
12. Wait, if that's the kidney, what's this?
13. you should keep that, we need it for autopsy
14. shit, hey heyhey, did anyone survive with 500ml of this?
15. damn, power down again?
16. everyone dont' move, i dropped my contact
17. damn, i should have brought my glasses today
18. help me pick up that organ off the ground.
19. you freak!? stop playing with that heart and bring it over
20. everybody, today will be a brand new experience for all of us, try stay awake.

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