October 22, 2005

Part 1 - saturday night and others

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Part 2 - Saturday night 21 and others

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Carlyn's 21st

Adi at Carlyn's

Bennyboy signing the guest book

Bennyboy and tone


June (the pyromaniac)

lin and i

Quek strangling Daniella

The birthday girl (21!)

Happy b'day Carlyn!

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October 18, 2005

a couple of pic from the w/e

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October 17, 2005

Week 12 of uni

Its week 12 of uni, assessments and exams are just around the cnr. Just got back from monday night touch. We won both games!

First game:

- Quek our standin capt'n lost the toss. First few minutes neither side looked like scoring. We were getting down to their end of the field but lack much needed offensive capabilities to convert our efforts into tries.
- Defence was pretty good. Bob was patient on the wing shutting down many of their tries. Jacq and Ellen played awesome on defence. Quek, Tone, Christine and i play our game down the middle with a generous number of calls made on defence.
- Tone dominated the attack with his brilliant speed and guile, 2 tries to him. Personally i had a really quiet game. I couldn't get any plays going, felt sluggish so just took the simple straight up hits and controlled the ball. One assist to tone, only resulted because we've played so much together we know where each other will be. Tone took the first run up field, then i think christine took another. We were on the right side of the field and the most obvious play was to send the next phase left. Instead i sensed tone was charging up the right, outnumbered the lazy defence.
- Bombed a tried due to poor hands, was in the open but couldnt catch! Bad habit developing!
- We won 3-0, good defence for no subs!

Second game:
- No subs, we were buggered. Quek won the toss.
- Since we had no subs the plan was to control our ball and not to make any simple handling errors. The opposition were sitting fourth on the ladder so they knew how to attack.
- Defence was exceptional, quek and bob saved quite a few tries. I know tone scored the last try, speed and footwork put him through for a 30m run.
- Personally was another quiet game. Picked a gap and ran but was too slow!! Supported another play and was open for the break but the pass was intercepted and what resulted was a near try by the opposition but bob saved us. Ran thru as dummy half into their zone, tone was sheparded(sp), he got open, passed and grounded but apparently i was touched on the shirt...
- We won 2-0. Not bad for no subs :)

Saturday, Linda and i went to Carlyn's 21st. This was at the Clock Hotel located near foveaux st on Crown St. The function room was rather swish and mod. looking, Tone, Matt Wong, Ben and Adi were there from North Sydney Boys, the rest were Carlyn's science friends. It was a pleasant evening. Linda and i headed off to the Wallaby bar located in Darling Harbour. Leon was celebrating his 19, what a youngen!! Not a massive fan of the Wallaby as it reminds me of The Steyne in Manly, the dance floor located on the ground floor (a sesspool imo!). Otherwise a good night.

It was pretty late, i was low on petrol and time (no money) so i wasnt in a good position to drive linda home! Consequently, she came back with me to Frenchs Forest. We sneaked into home, grabbed a minpeeh (a chinese quilt) + pillow, ducked back to Ben's car and thats were she slept for the night. :) what a tough cookie :) 2am.

930am. Went to work, Linda came and looked around at the shops and did some of her readings for her Greek Mythology assignment. We had lunch together at the mall. Took her home. She met the parents :) Mum was pretty cool, but unexpectantly dad was rather odd - asking the embarassing questions. Typically asian in nature: 'what does ur dad do? ur mum? siblings? age? what do u study? where do u live? how far away is that from here? etc etc. Linda stayed for pizza. Drove her home. Had an incident in the car, drove the car back to Bens place. Dropped it off (thanks x 10^6), got home and sorted of some of my financial issues.

To do from here:
Structures assignment (nov 6)
Water assignment (tba)
Chinese speaking assessment (monday)
Chinese essay (friday)
Chinese written assessment (tuesday)

Thanks for reading :)

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October 13, 2005

ive decided:

that i won't actuate any spiteful plans i have concieved against my neighbour.

1) smash his car windows in
2) spray paint along the kerb and asphalt: NO PARKING ZONE, AUTHORISED BY THE RESIDENCY OF xxx ROBYN AVENUE.
3) spay paint on his porch: get out of our neighbourhood, asshats like you don't belong here
4) rev and toot the horn everymorning on the way to university

What i realised is that if i do follow thru with any spiteful actions it just makes me his equal, i should be more mature and demonstrate a greater level of intelligence.

Other than that life is not so bad, uni, exams, touchfooty, bills, food, accomodation, petrol, tolls: things taht have dominated my thinking time this week.

I played my first game in 3 weeks of monday night touch footy - it was bloody fantastic. Linda played as well, bringing hte number of girls to 5 to complement the 4 guys that turned up. Dennis + Jase + Dot are out for the season as den's car decided to die. Tone, Bob, Quek, Myself, Linda, Alex, Ellen, Jacq and Christine rocked up to play the two half games.

The first 5 mins of the first game, we played well with a few nice drives down the middle. However, as the high tempo was sustained by opponents, our defence crumbled, as did the momentum in our attack. We lost however i scored my first proper dive-try down the middle - sliding along the grass is an amazing feeling! Second game we won. I had a try denied although i believe it should have been allowed as i was grabbed outta the way for a good 4 seconds, when i did get the ball i thought i grounded it before the dude touched me again. My knees and feet pulled up quite well however alack of stretching before hand meant that my calves and thighs are rather sore.

Thursday. We played the third placed team with supplements from the 1st place team. We lost 2-1. First half had an awesome driving pattern going, this is prolly due to the fact taht harry and alf (league players) were not on the field as they generally avoid being touched on 1-4 touches. THe try came from yours truely, a brilliant double dummy combined with a quick step off the right foot resulted in the try of the game, im kidding btw :) End of first half the score was locked at 1 a piece. Second half i had a chance to put another one on. I wasn't too sure what was going on but i was middle field looking to the right for a pass but there were no runners. As i was doing so, i could see a gap emerging from 2 lazy defenders and i thought id give it a go. As i popped pass, i did feel the slightest tap on the foot but no call was made so i thought it'd be best to keep running and ground the ball. That done, the ref called the late touch and the play was brought back. Bummer! Ben and i had to go for assessments and consequently with no reserves we lost 2:1. If this week is anything to go by, i feel that im hitting abit of form, the footwork iscoming back however the speed still lacks. fun fun fun!!

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angry old man

Ben has been kind enough to lend me his Commodore Vt for the past couple of days. For those that do not know what it's like, it has a distinct low muffled rumble from the sports exhaust kit he's installed. That said, as i live on a crest i've parked the car 25m from my house - away from the crest and intersection that my house sits besides. I have used the car on three days, leaving it parked in that spot for one whole day. ..

Earlier on this night at around 2130, i arrived home from university and reversed the car closer to the kerb outside this guys house. I see the door open, and an old man who appears to be around 65 years of age rushes out and jumps his porch and approaches the car. I open the window and to my astonishment he's yelling "get off my property" "don't park here, move on" whilst flailing his hands all over the place. I appologise and explain that i haven't parked there to aggitate him, that i only live up the road to which he replies 'i know where you live, don't park on my property'. Feeling rather confused and spiteful, i moved the car forward such that the car is outside the next house. The old man comes up and tells me 'go park outside your house' to which i explain that i've parked here as my house is on the crest and that it creates a dangerous situation with cars coming up the hill. He says something along the lines of me parking there since the weekend, and that the neighbours won't like me parking outside their property either.
I iterate that i was unaware i had annoyed him and that i had not done so on purpose, and that i would not do it again in the future. Unable to bite my tongue, i quipe that the road outside his house did not belong to him.

So currently, i am rather furious. I feel like smashing a few of his windows in, but he'd know who did it :<. Since when did so many people lack respect for themselves, and more importantly respect for others? That was the first i had seen and heard from him, can't he speak or communicate without yelling? Since when were neighbours so protective over their front road?

The dude and his family are only new to the neighbourhood, i feel like i should do something, whether it be an appology, or to express my dissapointment in his behavour or to hurl abuse at him - i feel that he shouldn't get away with such bad behaviour and perspective...... then again - who am i to tell him, and why am i 'right' and why is he 'wrong'?

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October 11, 2005

Playing around with filters

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