July 31, 2005

Putt Putt - Narrabeen


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jeebies its another week over!

Thursday, linda and i went to Beacon Hill fields just opposite Governor Phillip Lookout. It was here lin's first driving experience took place, i can tell ya'll she's a quick learner!

Within an hour she'd covered parking, reversing, turning, braking (most important!) as well as the art of listening whilst driving :) After that we ducked off to Dee Why where we soaked up the calm warm winters days in our private seaview area.

Basketball was on and it was another interesting game. Last week we had won with only 5 players (i arrived at half time), this week saw Team Rice repeat that feat. With Ken, Nick, Vince, Jase Wan and I we tore up the court with a resounding victory 51-35. Around half time one of the opposition had played a rough game. I had gone for an intercept, cleared the reciever and was in the clear for a good steal however the reciever decided to throw in his shoulder and consequently contact ensued with my ear. At first this almighty burning sensation was all around my left ear, i thought nothing of it. A couple of minutes in the referee saw that blood was coming out, a tear just where the lower openning of the canal comes to the lobe. Anyhow we won, gg.

Friday's feat: ate a whole Domino's large pizza: meatatwins with cheesy burst base. I am proud of this feat, dare to take on the challenge or going one better?

Saturday: Linda is sick, i hope for her sake she starts eating normally soon. Family went putt putt golfing, see next entry for photos and video link.

Sunday: Waited 1 hr at Warringah Mall medical centre for the doctor to refer me onto a specialist re. desensitisation to dustmites as well as my shoulder issue. As a quick diagnosis he said theres inflammation of my supreaspinatus tendon on along my left shoulder - a reaction to landing poorly from a dive i took 3-4 weeks ago.

Time to study Chinese, i feel terrible in class as everyone seems to breeze thru lessons.

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July 24, 2005



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Weekend that was

The weekend in review.

After two weeks of holidays the friday before return to university had dawned upon me. Overall these holidays have been unique such that major events that had been scheduled did not eventuate. That said many small events did occur and they proved to be rather interesting and entertaining. Friday, i met up with Irene to see Ben at Manly's Oceanworld. A couple of the lads and i from North Sydney decided to mark Ben's 21st by giving him a pass to swim with the sharks.

It was an awesome sight seeing such majestic creatures just centimeters from Ben, many photos and videos were taken and should be available soon. That complete we grabbed a quick coffee at the Wharf, still in a semi-confused-incomplete state. The sun was out in all its glory as i made way from Manly to Circular Quay by ferry. Whilst i've been lucky enough to ride the ferry many times the tourists (mainly UK residents and young HKer families) were out on the decks taking many photos and soaking up the fantastic view sydney harbour offers. Unfortunately for them when we were in primary position for captures of the Opera House a rather lag grey container-ship chugged along oh so slowly blocking their views.

Arriving at the quay i met up with Linda who had made her way from Chatswood. Again many tourists lined the quay front as we made our way past the opera bar to canoodle and soak up the atmosphere. Our stomachs indicated that it was time to make our way towards liverpool street where we were to meet up with the rest of the Chinese Students we had studied with during session 1. A quick coffee (where else but gloria jeans?!) and a quick snack, we finally arrived outside Mamas Kitchen. Whilst it was the place i originally organised the gathering to be, Nathan informed me of a wonderful japanese restuarant located on Hay St.

Rame-kan is by far the most delicious, value-for-money cosy eatout i've been to for a long time! To get there you must ride a dodgy lift, which i might add, adds to the experience of the place. We had 7 people all together which meant we had to wait awhile. It was during this wait i got to know Leon who Evelyn has started seeing. The food was fantastic, complimented with Sake (my first taste) the food was scoffed down, our hunger stiffled for a good few hours. We made our way to Pier 26, had a few drinks. Linda was rather tired and it was then we decided to end the night.

Saturday i met up with linda at Chatswood as we had planned to have a picnic at Milsons Point. However, little did i know Target and Kmart do NOT stock picnic throws... As linda is not keen on the outdoors we scrapped the idea and settled on sheppards pie inside Westfield. We then made our way Milsons Point and were blessed with a warm winters day. Luna Park just located around the cnr where we bumming is a small theme park located on the waters edge. Many young families and young kids were out in force taking on the dodge'em cars, the slides, the ferris wheel and the other rides. It was my first time since i was only 2 years old to be within the park, i thought it was rather pleasant, an easy going atmosphere set in a wonderful location.

Linda and i departed as i made way to meet up with the Grace Bros crew from Warringah. As i had organised the gathering i arrived early by a few minutes. As i had previously 'retired' from organising gatherings i thought id lost touch as the frist guest to arrive was at 750. Overall only 7 of us turned up to dine at the Mezzanotte; Daniel, Lauren, Angie, Adrian, Maryn, Nikola and I tried out their many pizzas and pastas. I was speaking to Lauren about hosting such gatherings and to my comfort she mentioned that as one gets older, people become less inclined to stick to what they say. Opting to say they will be there, but not even bother to call to say they wont be coming. I found it rather rude to not only myself, but to the others that made the effort to trek in from Balmain, and the restaurant operators who lost out on business.

After the ice creams, we made our way to Manly where Mark Fav was finishing up his work at White Water. Wharf Bar was packed with 30's somethings, they reminded me of little daniel price whos currently 19. We then made our way to the Steyne, pack with rugby supporters as well as teens from the west keen to have abit of fun. Lauren and i got separated from the bunch so we decided to take up the op to depart and head home.

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July 19, 2005

Gaining Muscle Mass if you are Underweight

Gaining Muscle Mass if you are Underweight:

What appears to be a good summary of info out there

Gaining Muscle Mass if you are Underweight

Zohir Chowdhury

Gaining weight for hardgainers is extremely difficult. The only way you will get bigger is to shock your body into growth. You can do this by:

Eating a lot of calories,
Training with heavy weights, and
Resting properly.
1. Eating:

The first shock is by eating more calories than your body is used to. This is the most important factor in gaining mass. When you overload your system with plenty of protein and fats, your body has no other choice but to gain weight. The goal is to eat just enough calories to allow your body to build more muscle, but not so many calories that you gain a large amount of body fat. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you won’t build muscles. Eat protein (fish, lentils, milk, chicken, lean red meat, and whey protein drinks) and drink plenty of water. The body breaks down the high quality protein into amino acids. Intense exercise increases demand for amino acids, which support muscle repair and growth. The following table gives a glimpse of what type of foods contain what nutrients:

High Protein Foods High Carbohydrate Foods Healthy Fats
Whey Protein Rice Olive Oil
Eggs Sweet Potatoes Sunflower Oil
Egg Whites Potatoes Safflower Oil
Chicken Breasts Beans Flaxseed Oil
Lentils Any Green Leafy Vegetables Walnuts
Lean Beef Bread Avocados
Fish Pasta
Protein Bar All Cereals

If you don't eat correctly while weight training, you will lose muscle tissue. To gain weight, eating basically must become a job. To build muscle you must eat the right foods in the right quantities. Only protein can build muscle tissue. If you're not getting at least 1 gram of protein per pound (2.2 pound equals one Kg) of body weight, then you will not gain muscle.

In addition to eating more calories, you need to eat more often. To enable your body to actually assimilate and use all the calories you will ingest, you have to reduce your meal size and increase your meal frequency. Splitting your calories into smaller, more frequent portions will enable food absorption and utilization of nutrients. Eating three meals per day will probably not provide your body with the constant flow of nutrients and energy it needs to grow. So, you need to increase your meal intake to 5 or 6 per day-eating every three to four hours. Eating five to six meals per day takes planning, and this is where nutritional supplements have helped people the most.

Supplements are not magic pill. They simple supplement your existing diet and training program. If you are not training and eating correctly then the supplements will not help you. You will be wasting your money. Supplements are not a substitute for proper nutrition and training. The most important element is the diet and weight training, not supplements. A good strong diet with plenty of protein is essential. If you can't get that, then the first supplement you need is whey protein.

Because it is very difficult to eat 6 real food meals per day, the protein supplement is essential. General Nutrition Center in the US, provide with the "Meal Replacement Powder" (MRP). MRP's consist of whey protein powder and maltodextrin (a carbohydrate). They are designed to be quick meal substitutes, which take the place of a real food meal. Since it represents one meal, it will be one less meal you will have to worry about. Also MRP will help you reach your daily protein requirement by providing you with one of the best types of protein for muscle building-whey protein. In this respect, it is much better than meat or poultry, not to mention far more convenient. If you have a busy schedule, being able to get a complete, high-protein meal quickly and conveniently throughout the day can mean the difference between success and failure.

2. Training:

The second way you must shock your body is with weight training. Weight training is the fastest way to get your body to build more muscle. Dieting and weight training both work together. The weight training overloads the muscles and stimulates growth, while the food you eat provides the necessary building blocks to repair and build new tissue. Learn to enjoy working out. We all have favorite days to workout-usually it is chest and biceps day. Unless you work out the rest of your body you'll look very un-proportionate. Try to convince yourself that you love to work legs, back, shoulder and triceps, even forearms and abs. Once you do, you'll start seeing results, and then it becomes a cycle.

Link this page for the diagram showing the major muscle groups:

The best way to gain muscle mass quickly is to use free weights. You must focus on compound free-weight exercises, and lift heavy/challenging weights. This will stimulate the largest amount of muscle fibers. Your body responds to this stimulus by increasing your muscle mass. There are advantages and disadvantages to using free weights and using machines to work out. For a beginner, it is advisable but not necessary to work out using machines. Most body builders will advise you to use free weights. However free weights can often compromise the form. Form is the method in which you perform your exercise. It is extremely important that you perform each work out exactly as instructed.

This is where most people make mistakes. People seem to emphasize using greater weights and increasing the frequency. But if your form is incorrect you will waste a lot of effort and not get significant results. This is where machines can be beneficial to beginners. Machines facilitate staying in form. It is much harder to stay in form when using free weights unless you have at least 6 months to a year of lifting experience. Once you know the exact movements and target muscles of each exercise you can move up to lifting with free weights.

The problem with machine exercises is that most machine exercises will limit your development, because they help to support the weight. In this respect, free weights make you support the weight along the entire path of the movement, which helps to stimulate more muscle fibers, while also strengthening smaller or weaker muscles. If your smaller supporting muscles are weak, your larger muscles won't grow. To build size and strength quickly, pro body builders and professional athletes do not use machines-they use free weights almost exclusively!

For gaining mass, use enough weight so that you have to stop at 6-10 repetitions. If you can do more, then you need to increase the weight. Depending on your goal, here's a table that will aide your workout:


Muscle Strength
2-5 min

Muscle Size
30-90 sec

15-30 sec

If you're underweight, you probably have a very high metabolism. It is advisable to train with more intensity and less frequently using the following table as a guideline:

Week Day
Exercise Type

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps


Back and Biceps


Legs and Abs


Play Sports or Jog

3. Resting:

The muscles do not grow in the gym; they only grow when you are resting. Weight training is needed only to stimulate growth. After that, your body needs rest and food to build the muscle. Hardgainers, of course, need more rest and food than others. Try to get 8 to 12 hours of sleep the night you workout. If you work out intensely you'll need it. You can alternate workout and rest days so you can recover properly. Working out too often and for too long will not allow your muscles the necessary time to recuperate. Not only will you not grow, but you will also be setting yourself for chronic injuries from over training, and possible muscle loss. Improper diet and over training are two reasons why most people never get beyond an average physique.

To check on progress and to keep you motivated, take "a-before-picture" of yourself with shorts on; and take one photo of yourself in the same shorts every month thereafter. Compare the results visually. It is imperative that the photo be taken before workouts and not immediately after the workout since 2-3 hours after working out, the muscles get pumped up with blood. And finally, to achieve incredible results you must be consistent. Follow your plan consistently day in and day out without fail. Don't skip workouts or meals. Working out, and dieting on an inconsistent basis will not bring a significant increase in size. To be successful in anything, you must commit yourself and follow through. It is that simple. Once you become consistent, results will come quickly.

Some Tips for Gaining Muscles:

Weighing Scale: If you have a weighing scale at home, you can measure your body weight daily or, at least, weekly and keep track of improvements. Seeing results encourages in sustaining your workout schedule.

Measuring Tape: A measuring tape is essential for keeping track of how much your body parts have grown. You can measure every 2 weeks or once every month. Keep track of the following circumferences:
1. Waistline
2. Chest
3. Left and Right Biceps
4. Left an Right Forearms
5. Left and Right Thighs
6. Left and Right Calves

Some Recommended Supplements:

Meal Replacement Powder:
1) EAS Myoplex
2) Creatine Monohydrate: It is the number one selling sports nutrition supplement for amateur and pro athletes. Creatine has been proven to increase strength and muscle endurance, which will enable you to lift heavier, and ultimately stimulate more muscle growth.

Multi Vitamin:
1. "Daily One" without iron from Twinlab, or
2. Mega Men from GNC

Essential Fatty Acid:

1. Flax Seed Oil from GNC, or
2. "Udo's Choice Oil Blend" from Flora, INC.


1. "The Complete Book of Men's Health" by the Editors of Men's Health Books, Rodale Press, Inc. Emmaus Pennsylvania (1999).
2. http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Dugout/4143/page6.html
3. http://www.skinnyguy.net

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July 11, 2005


To the person whos trying to access my email accounts, theres not much there :( plz give up.

Holidays have finally begun after a week of Surveying at UNSW. Bought a nice brown puffy vest whilst shopping with my sister at Chatswood, went to diggers with bunge and den on sunday, had my first full day of bumming today.

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July 02, 2005

Dealing with external relationship problems

The past few weeks ive been hurting so bad. Physiologically i've been completely numb. I'm not crying, and nope, i'm not depressed.. What i can attribute to this state has been my home life. Never before have i 'talked' openly about what goes on at home, i've always been one to keep things close to my chest - perhaps this may help clarify how a feel about a thing or two.

Being at home, i find it to be stressful, mundane, and above all: home lacks any form of positive interaction. Like (i assume) all homes, we argue, we do our own stuff, we have our own ways of doing things... The problem is, i can not honestly recall a day where all 5 members of the family have been at home, and an arguement of considerable intensity has NOT occured.

Its as if we need to argue for things to be normal around home. Health, mental states, union issues all play a part in causing the daily grind. Anger, hate, frustration, sorrow, incomprehension, confusion... The ramifications of feeling like this for more than 60% of my life obviously has an impact on the other 40%. In my state of self pity i cant help but draw comparisions with Bernard Marx.

How i long for a stable environment, where problem can be solve without hurting others feelings ( i guess where its ok to disagree), where we can work together as a unit. Perhaps its insecurity that bites me?

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