June 27, 2005


http://www.wimp.com/throws/ - Compared to the Lebron James video, these look real!

I've played this game called Subspace/continuum for around 8yrs or so. The squad that i'm a part of (Blood) won a squad-match against a squad full of loudmouth arrogant U.S. newbs (Mutiny). The game went from 3-5am, the victory was more so sweeter as i got to play a part in it.

Bunge and i maybe housesitting again at Birchgrove, more details to come. If it is the case, origin night should be a good one.

Heres something random i found, taken.... essh, nearly 2 years ago. Checkout those ROCKS!

One exam remains, Geotechnical Engineering. Other than that, looking forward to hanging out with Linda some more :)

Oh, and i've got my eye settled on this baby: Casio Exilim Pro EX-P505

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June 13, 2005


Oh my, the degree of dexterity demonstrated boggles my mind, go go fooseball!

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Photos that i didn't get to use for Quek's 21st speech

Unfortunately the video system at the venue did not support image extensions. So in all their glory, see the extended entry:



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Quek's 21st

The last of the boys to turn 21, queks 21st was alot of fun. In the end Ben, Lev, Sean, Fung, Alexia and I settled on getting Quek a 51cm flat screen tv, and a Thunderer Whistle engraved :) Leading into the speeches, quek was pumped up and enjoying himself. After they were done, dancing ensued and that got to Quek :< Ben and i had some fun getting him to Carlyn's place, overall i had alot of fun and im sure everyone else did too. See more for photos!

More to come later

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June 02, 2005


Real-Life Zombie Video Game
Derren Brown, the UK's far-superior version of David Blaine, tricks some guy into thinking he's in the middle of a real-life zombie game.http://www.alldumb.com/item/11984/

~ Christine asks Ben on sunday 'Hey is steve gay?' ROFL!

~ Loud drunk guy attempts to impress girl by swearing on the bus. He even misquotes the Holden (means a great deal to aostraylia) TV commercial "Holden Means BUSINESS". Everyone is relieved when he gets off the bus. He turns blindly, to his left, takes three paces, walks headfirst into a tree nearly and nearly falls over backwards! That's gold!

Touch Footy. WE won the semi final 3-1. We played brilliantly. Finals, THey scored a try on the first play, in fact on the first touch. We countered on our second touch levelling the score. The game went tit for tat all the way uptil 4-4. Unfortunately with shoddy defence they ran the overlap and scored a soft try in extra time. The try came as Nick shot out from defence :< It was anyones game however they were far better fitness wise and with speed. Their main tactic was to throw the inside ball, run it sideways. Ours was the simple hitups, run the overlap however their pressure defence influenced us to run it more to the side than usual.

My personal highlight was when i recieved the ball from Nads(dummy), tone was coming up fast on my right hand side - cut him out (thankfully he kept running) to ben, ben drew the defenders and created the overlap for sarah!

Catchya later!

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June 01, 2005

Signs of aging

Not long ago i noticed visible signs of aging. My heels and fingers in particular. I never understood why some people had cracked heels (dry broken skin), i always thought they were they type of people who'd walk around barefoot all day!

With my fingers, there are wrinkles (not the finger print contours). They run perpendicularly to the prints. I feel old!

Tomorrow we have the touchfooty finals. We face a team named Treadstone who we will have difficulty against. Comparatively they have greater depth in their team. Our side must pick up the pace and initiative in order to break their defence. We beat them in the grand final last session, hopefully we will repeat that feat again tomorrow. Until then, gnite!

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