October 28, 2004

Doin a Hoppa!


L-R: Chris, Edman, Mel, Sarah, Steve, Edwin, DK, Nads, Tone

Thursday lunch time saw the titans of UNSW touchfooty go head to head, in what proved to be an exciting and fun finals experience.
With luck going our way, finishing second in regular season the members of Doin a Hoppa faced the third placed team who proved to be a mere obstacle on the path to victory. Almost as if it were a warm up session, team spirits were high and the lads and girls were rdy to take what would prove to be theirs.

Long story short, lead by the most-valuable player; Tone, Hoppas proved stronger on defence, smart play and efficiency. Coming down to teamwork, the girls had a brilliant all round finals performance, with Edwin, Edman and Chris providing the all important moves of the links. Nath and I played a smart and controlled game, devatstating the opposition from dummy half. Our game was small on error with tone stepping up to top gear, literally carving up the opposition with timely runs and intelligent dumps. Well done champ!

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October 25, 2004


Old, but a classic:

Sry about the recent image res, they'll be reduced sometime in the future :)

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October 23, 2004

36 hrs


0700 - Allnighter on an assignment, crashed into bed. 1130, woken by group member wondering where i am (more importantly, where was my work). Get up, more uni work, head to uni, submit assignment. 1700 Ran into Deb and Lucineh, had a good yarn :) 2000 pick up tone, pick up bix and beni - head to Manly.
Showed the ladies around; Steyne, Aqua, Ivanhoe, Wharfbar headed to North Head - closed. 2430 Made tracks to freshie beach; star gazed, last stop Tanya park - Saturday 0130

Wake 0700, muck around, went to work. Many non- northern beachers shopped today. Shop hit by thieves CR goods nicked :( Newbie at work: gday Nick! 1900 - Tired and rdy for bed!

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October 15, 2004

Jackie Chan? Street Fighter


And another video file:

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lol, kids these days...


Taken from Extreme-games forums, check it out!

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October 13, 2004

Nathan's Graduation

Congrats dude!



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Touch footy

A reminder that our first game is TOMORROW! (13 Oct): 20:00

Bring lots of water, good spirits and a touch of creativity!

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October 04, 2004

Bulldogs v Roosters

GG doggies. Although i wanted to see Freddie go out on a high, Canterbury were the better side and deserved the premiership win. The second half performance from the Roosters was error ridden and dull. No flair, no plays, pretty much no desire to stamp their authority on the game.

Personally, i think two roosters let their side down. Chris Walker and Justin Hodges. As an armchair critic their performances were just crap. Drop balls, poor positioning, they played like one-man teams. Yes these guys do have their up sides however they failed to show any glimpse in tonights game.

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October 02, 2004

lol dennis!!


you have too much time on your hand (:

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October 01, 2004

uh, im like turning blonde >.<

Given todays weather (constant rain, squally conditions) the last thing id wanted to do was to drop of 'goods' on behalf of my grandmother. That said, i'd left the house equipt with an umbrella AND a waterproof jacket that id pick up in the garage.
So arriving at the bus stop, the wind and rain really didnt bother me for the first 5 minutes or so, however 25 minutes later the shit really hit the fan. Reminicient of my time in Singapore (where i was soaked constantly), my jeans and shoes were absolutely drenched as there was no bus shelter or any form of protection from the rain and wind. NOt a comfortable feeling.

More than anything else i was really annoyed at myself - my stubborness for not bothering to walk the further 80m to the next sheltered bus stop (in fear of missing the bus). gr stupid me!! Continuing my saga i boarded the bus 30 minutes later than i had anticipated, got to my destination, dropped off the 'goods', got back home, cold, wet and seriously tired. Upon opening the garage door, dad's car was sitting there.

My first thoughts were 'geez, dad must of finished work early' however using my limited ability of deduction; i then realised that the dry car roof and cold bonnet implied the car had been sitting there the whole f r e a k i n g time. Unused.

How did i manage to walk pass the car in the first place and not notice it? How did i forget that dad didn't drive to work today so i could use the car to drop off the goods, who knows? :)

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