September 28, 2004

September 24, 2004

usb memory device

The past 3 mths or so, i can not make up my mind as to which usb memory device to get.

~Ability to 'plug and play'. Transfer files from university and home. ie. All drivers (if any needed) contained within the unit.
~Capacity must be equal or greater than 256mb.
~Ability to output audio, to kill time on public transport, etc :)

~Minimal power-source fuss. ie. Rechargable unit or optimal battery efficiency.
~Cost less than 551AUD.

Would be great:
~If the male usb head is built into the unit.

So far, there are two contenders. Theres the iPod. And theres the Muvo128mb device. Ideally what im after is essentially a hybrid between the two. The capacity/battery system of the iPod, the compactness/connectivity of the Muvo.

Concluding, im sitting on the fence. What do you suggest i do? I need your advice! :)

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September 21, 2004

Remembering Names

What is it that allow us to remember and recall people's name. Perhaps i should be asking, when is someone important enough such that we remember their name?

Saying someones name to their face is like a key to the heart. Reading, speaking and experiencing myself it is always nice to be remembered and to me; recalling someones name is THE confirmation of aquaintance. This small significance obviously means something to me and i assume to alot of people.
This afternoon i had run into a girl who i will not name (yes i do remember her name, but i prefer to keep her anonymous!). I had become aquainted with her recently and to me i thought there was some form of chemistry going on. Anyhow continuing my crytime story :), upon running into her and an oldboy of North Sydney in the year above (Ray), between the two they had forgotten my name.
Yea yea, deep down i know they know me. But argh.... Which leads me to conclude that i place too great a value in remembering the individual. Thinking about it, i can honestly say 95% of the time i can recall whether or not i had met someone before. I can tell that person where it was, what occasion it was, who they were with and most of the time (at least 70-75%) i can tell that person their name, even if it was just a small talk conversation.

To be honest, it did hurt me and my poor ego. Perhaps my mother is right, i am a girl ("you're too sensitive to be a man") and perhaps when people tell me i am gay ("you're too articulate to be a guy",etc), i really am gay...

Bitter and sensitive

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Big 2 anyone?

Killing time at Changi airport, i dealt myself this hand, full shuffle, no cheating. Really!

Old photos, i know i know sorry! Yep, its taken me a few weeks *cough mths* to get these photos up but i do really work for university :> Anyone seen a better hand than this?

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Ben the rebel (without a cause)

These are real scorpions courtesy of Sentosa Island. I tried to aggitate them...

Waiting for the train to Singapore's Changi Airport

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Malaysia wallpaper series 1

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Heres a ripped wallpaper full of vibrancy and life. More updates to be carried out later on this week.

Recent traits

Steve the killer: 2 road kills in 2 weeks, sorry rabbit, sorry possum :<
Steve the sportsman: pumped up about Wednesday and Thursday comps. Thursday's team is coming second.
Steve the Construction Manger: Finished project 2 of Engineering Management, 98 weeks, eat ur heart out.
Steve the Romeo: ... not

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Touch Football - Wednesday Nights at Macquarie University


Click here to access forums. Once in, please register. Registration is to protect your personal information from people outside the team.

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September 12, 2004

Levy's Bash

What a night! On September 11 1983, Michael Levenston entered the world around 1pm. 21 years later family and friends were there to celebrate the big manís bday.

Among the North Sydney crowd; Geoff, Danny G, Larsen, Baird, Clint, Sean, Tone, Quek, Bunge, Denno, Fung/Fa.../Joof and yours truly were spotted enjoying the ambience. For the unfortunate who have not been to Levyís; think Castle. Double storey, full masonry with commanding harbour views, Levy celebrated in style with caterers tending to the drinking and eating needs of his guests. Among the familiar faces, it was good to bumb into Marc Gold, Danny Rosenbaum, Kate Rudzen, a handful of Burwood girls, levyís 100 ex-girlfriends, the younger NSBoys as well as the other halves of Den, Quek and Bunge.

~The drastic change of ambience (when power failure occurs at 2030 lasting til the end of the night).
~Seeing the 'Assistant Grand Master' Gregory Henry Levenston of Free Masons Australia in Mafia robes and shoes

Highlight photos are below, the rest can be found by clicking on the flicker image link.

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September 10, 2004

Touch fest!


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September 09, 2004

Did you notice ...

Did u notice that yesterday (tuesday), everything seemed so dead. A distinct lack of road traffic, students at uni, noise levels. To be honest i was alil freaked out.

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I have crabs

Sorry for the lack of posts. Here is my second destop paper. Taken 3 weeks ago, the crabs can be found just off George Street down(up) in the Rocks just near Circular Quay. The piece of paper was already in place when i took the shot ^^

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September 01, 2004

This month's theme


Everyone loves them! (on their desktop at least). This month i hope to collect and post interesting and decent quality wallpapers. Focus ranges from colour, ambience and of course subject. If you have one you'ld like to add, let me know and i'd be more than happy to post it.


Taken just last week, these here represent my current collection of cufflinks. I love cufflinks, they add that extra dimension to ones appearance and they also allow a touch of personality to the everyday formal attire. Credit: me :)

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Awesome online Radio station

Energy Dance (Euro)
Energy Jamz
Energy Club

Popular current and past hits, no ads, no dj/mc's Tune in now!

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