August 31, 2004


Just like Jason, i now have 1gig of mail space to play with. I'm not too sure what i'll do with such a huge allocation. Eitherway, from here on theres no excuse for not keeping the forwarded/chain messages :)

Today proved to be an interesting day. Maths exam at 10am went ok, the questions were exactly the same as past papers. Argh, i don't like it when they do that. Firstly it means if u memorise the solutions, you'll be fine mark wise but chances are one won't fully understand the concepts. That said, i didn't rope learn all the solutions and yes, i am kicking myself :) After that, went to Management classes however they had already finished! Ran into Lyn just on the steps of CLB.

Lacking a regular sleeping pattern, i find just after meal times (8-930am, 1-2pm, 5-6pm) i get really hazy and often struggle to stay awake :s I'm getting old! call the retirement village!

Later that day watched Nick, Steve, Andrew and this other dude play doubles tennis. Had a play with Varinya, was good to get the arm going. Also ran into Su yuen - she was bumming on the lawns just outside the Colenade :> Ah, all these familar non-regular faces!

Civil Practice 3b. Eric put forth his presentation, i thought it went well. The short tie worked wonders :) As a consequence, Nawar gave us some feedback as to what is missing in our submission. Hopefully we can address these issues by week 7. Effort :<

And now.. Working on Construction Assignment. For the past 3 hrs i have been stuck on this one step that i need to complete in order to move on. Due tomorrow at 2pm, plz wish me some luck :)

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August 29, 2004

How to fold your clothes:


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August 26, 2004


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August 25, 2004

August 24, 2004

How about . . .

ROFL!! >.<

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Manly Supporters ROAR!

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Tone, Dennis, Jeremy

With the erratic cloud cover and sun behind subjects, photo turned out so-so.

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Souths fans looking on with horror

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Post match photo (taken by a souths fan)

Denno, Jeremy, Steve, Tone, Ben and Ruth

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August 23, 2004

So what is this game that you play religiously?

View image

See the above screen shot to have a geez.

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Nick and John

Surrounded by InfosysERS!! >.<

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The Palace, Coogee

Sarah and Natalie

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August 20, 2004

Bumper Stickers


I was recently sent a bunch of bumper sticker captions... most of them were stupid but there were a couple of good ones (following)

xx Lauren

Everyone has a photographic memory ... some just don't have any film

Your ridiculous little opinion has been noted

I used to have a handle on life...but it broke off

Some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them

Guys...just because you have one, doesn't mean you have to be one

Some people just don't know how to drive... I call these people "Everybody But Me"

Don't like my driving? Then quit watching me

If you can read this...I can slam on my brakes and sue your ass off


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August 19, 2004

Bunnies ^^


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Steve (yeeling_bg)


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Whats my poison?

Jason, Safa and Alison

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Nick's parents, John, Adrian and Trish

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August 18, 2004

Nick and Jonno


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John and Adrian


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August 08, 2004


For happiness.

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August 05, 2004

How to Escape national service

- thx nath :>

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August 02, 2004

August 01, 2004


On MSN chat to mate of mine: checkout my blog
lol: k
lol: lol
lol: hahahaha ROFL
lol: i'd fire the ad company that did that

ahahahahha! yes, me very mature.

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rofl!! >.<

Thx lev for that one :)

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Weekly Themes

Aha... brain storm. WEekly themes and topics -.-

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what a week its been!

Craaazy 21st B'day week!

29/7 Thursday

Jacqui - Jacq's place, Belrose

Cya mate! Enjoy you're trip and more importantly, bring me lots of presents ahaha! It was good to finally meet stu, dude he is a great guy (2 thumbs up). Take care :)

30/7 FRiDAY:

Sarah H's - House Party, Chatswood
haha! WEIRDO. Although i knew no one, Sair did a great job introducing me. Thanks mate, and have a great trip!

Jenny Kim's - Lauwenbrau, Rocks
What can i say? Great location, good company and good times with the old crew. Happy 21st! Best moment: Ali's speech.

Nick Pang's - Nick's House, Killara
Eventful. Stating that Nick has wonderful parents is an understatement :) Always good to see a collection of uni mates having a good time. Too much to mention. Happy 21st!


Michael Janda's - Janda's Place, Redfern
Cosy terrace mate!. Michael, i have know you for nine years and during that time i have seen u grown from strength to strength. You're a great guy and i hope that we have many more years of friendship between us. Happy 21st!

Matt Wong's - Uber Bar, Rocks
UBER UBER BAR!!! Lauwenbrau again :) Quek, tone, ardi, armo, denno as well as Carlyn, Dot and Boomi were there (with their partners). By this stage, my voice is nearly gone. I can just imagine tiny nodes appearing on my vocal cords... Mentally i feel run down (lack of sleep) however my spirits are at a very high level. OMFG HAPPY 21sT!

Geoff Jacobs - 2060, North Sydney
Too late, dogged it. I'm sure it was an excellent party as Geoff attracts many interesting people. ^^ good on ya mate on 21yrs.

1/8 Sunday

3am: Voice gone :(

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