July 31, 2004

Man, can he shake it!


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July 30, 2004


Its 2:43am, Friday morning. What am i doing up so early?

I can't sleep. Too many things run thru my mind. Touch Footy, Geotech Eng, Donkey (from Shrek), Jacqui, future short and long term goals, are my parents awake? What will i do tomorrow?

Sometime this weekend, ill get around to re-working the theme for this blog.

Until we meet again, no goodbye, but au revoir.


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July 29, 2004

"This guy was standing outside my Apartment Building earlier and i ...."


lmao. First few pages are great, dries off then the goods come rolling back.

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July 28, 2004

Simpson's Cliff hanger

Simpsons cliffhanger

July 28, 2004 - 8:09AM

Fans of The Simpsons cartoon classic have been given another cliffhanger to agonise over - which of the cast is coming out of the closet.

One of the colourful characters will tell the world he or she is gay - in an episode where lovable oaf Homer Simpson is ordained on the internet and begins performing same-sex weddings.

Hints about the plot line were dropped by show producer Matt Groening at a San Diego comic convention. But there are no clues as to who the character in question is.

An obvious candidate is Waylon Smithers, who is in love with dastardly nuclear power plant boss, Mr Burns. But his sexuality is hardly a secret.

Other suggestions are Marge Simpson's twin sisters, Selma and Patty, who have a string of failed relationships with men behind them.

But the show's writers are more likely to take Simpsons fans by surprise - it could even be tough Scot Groundskeeper Willy.

In the episode, the Simpson's hometown of Springfield legalises gay marriage - a topic which has prompted hot debate in America in recent months.

Meanwhile, Groening said he still plans to make a Simpsons feature film, but production will not start until the the television series comes to an end.


This story was found at: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/07/28/1090693992337.html

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July 26, 2004



go go and check it out! $$

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New PCs

New PCs in UNSW Library :)

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July 25, 2004

Recently trips

Thursday 22 July - 2060 North Sydney. Carlyn, Carlyn's 2 cousins, Quek, Bill, Ado and Tone. Good to get outta the house and be back in NS. Metro = dead.

Friday 23 July - AT Carlyn's place. Nice bbq :) NS boys again, jerseys worn; Armen wearing his old sports jumper instead of the jersey. Football launched 8 storeys from rooftop to road intersection (no one injured). Gas left on overnight (sry), Water system to condos shut all night. Jan serving elite shots to dennis (28 shots i hear), poor bugger.

Photos to be added soon.

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Jeremy's 21st party


The boys from NS. 2.5 yrs down the track, good to see so many familiar faces together. Jeremy's 21st was held at his mates place. Delicious food was on offer, good speeches from Quek, his church mates and family. Personal highlight: singing along to The Darkness - Believe in a thing called love on Singstar (an awesome PS2 game) and giving DDR a go (PS2 as well).

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July 20, 2004


Working in menswear at Myer Warringah Mall, too often i see a distinct lack of courtesy. Especially among the younger men...

The fitting rooms. At times the rooms resemble a pig sty. Clothes strewn literally everywhere, hangers in unimaginable places, tags ripped off and tissue paper! Its not that hard to carry unwanted clothes to the register. Or is it?

In Singapore and Malaysia there were ad campaigns encouraging boarding passengers to wait behind marked yellow lines until the passengers getting off had finished. These ads have run for over 2 years yet citizens fail to acknowledge such courteous advice.

I'm a believer in karma. If we treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves, we would all lead a much happier life.

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Date: 17 May 2004
Summary: CSI New York's pre-pilot debut gets a boost from Miami

Having watched my share of NYPD Blue some years back, it was strange seeing David Caruso in a crime drama set in New York without Dennis Franz at his side.

That's right: New York. Just prior to its season finale, CSI Miami sends Horatio Caine to the Big Apple in search of a killer. Caine's lead seems to dead-end when he arrives at another crime scene and discovers his suspect was murdered two days prior to the Miami crime he is investigating.

Enter Gary Sinise as Detective Mac Taylor. The scene of Caine and Taylor's meeting features a moment of lighting genius in which Caine stands in a beam of warm amber sunlight while Taylor's key matches the cool blue ambiance of his native New York atmosphere. (Who says these things only happen in films!)

In this pre-pilot, Taylor and Caine discover they are searching for the same killer. At first they refrain from joining forces, but once they establish through chit-chat their mutual admiration for the death penalty and its liberal enforcement, the two are inseparable.

While the CSI counterparts get acquainted, two more murders take place in New York. These are uncannily similar to the Miami slayings. A bloody fingerprint in Miami points Caine and Taylor to a convict, a rooftop chase and a narrow escape for their new prime suspect.

The New York CSI team pieces together the facts of the most recent murders. The introductions of Taylor's staff are brief and forgettable. This episode was created to establish an emotional connection between Caine and Taylor, presumably to generate interest in CSI New York's "real" pilot. If all goes well, the show will have an entire season to develop supporting characters.

For those who didn't see it and are hoping to catch the repeat, I'll refrain from revealing who hired the hit man and why. And for those like me who are contemplating whether to watch the CSI New York pilot, I say "go for it." If the pre-pilot (CSI Miami in New York episode) is any indication, CSI New York will probably build on the solid foundation of tough-but-approachable characters, clever episodic plots and fast pace that typify the first two CSI shows. The intense simulations of violent crime forensics (the CSI trademark device) also make for hypnotic viewing.

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July 14, 2004

Look who it is!


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Malaysia/Singapore Photos up

Images are currently stored in the following directory: http://www.ewebs.com/steve/photos/malaysia

Checkout this one inparticular:
Malaysian Tourist Attraction

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July 07, 2004

Useful weblinks


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July 04, 2004

McDonalds Service

This morning I thought id been to Golden Arches heaven. Going thru Beacon Hill's drive thru service, i ordered a Bacon and Egg McMuffin meal and was politely asked with a golden smile if i preferred Coffee or Tea. Responding with curiosity i told the young lass i preferred Tea. The order continued, queried if id like sugar or milk with that.

Paying the 3.95 and recieving the milk, the 15 years something yearold instructed me to drive right thru to the next window. I should mention preordering i did have to queue up behind 2-3 cars, however the efficiency of the drive thru was such that it took less than 1 minute for my order to be processed. More surprising, once the meal was paid i loose up from the ash tray(coin purse) and saw there were no cars log up from the collection point.

Idling to the collection point (a whole 10-12m), my order was waiting for me! wow, never again would i complain fast food will never be fast. Amazed i continued my journey to work.


Finally arriving at work, the moment i had been anticipating for quite some time had arrived. I opened the brown paper bag to be greeted with the delicious sight of my bacon and egg MCmuffin (yum). Alas~! My hashbrown???!! argh*%&! My tea bag??!! a;slkjdglk My sugar?!? My napkin??!!

No wonder why the service was so quick :) I wonder how many customers had left the drive thru that morning content with the speed of service, only to be dismayed within a few minutes with an empty stomach :(

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Working with images

Learning how to insert images within entries, and website layout itself.


Just learnt how to edit fonts, widths and colours. Inserted links to old website data such as photos, mates, guestbook. It's happening :)

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July 03, 2004

Back to Work

Good to be back at Myer. My gosh the day went by so slow, its probably due to the fact post studies, one realises how much time they usually waste :)

Familiar stock, familiar smells, familar customers; a home away from home.

Stuck at home tonight. Had to cancel a few things which

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Yao Ming's Car


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July 02, 2004

Ok, still working on integrating homepage with blog. however, the old url is:


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End of Exams

At last!

How good does it feel?! Right after the exam, Jase Ang and i went for lunch near Central. I never knew i ment to so much to him as it figures; we ate where he takes his lucky ladies. Food was excellent, abit of seafood, garlic bread here, pasta there, it was just romantic.

Spiderman 2. I'd have to say this has been one of the better movies ive seen this year. Maybe being sleep deprived hightened my emotions, but the action and the storyline i thought was conveyed well. A guy our age was caught crying and was paid out by his mates :) ahaha (thank goodness it wasnt me).

So where to from here?

Lookout malaysia, lookout singapore, here comes trouble. Ben and i have had our tickets confirmed, we're due to depart this coming tuesday. As weird as it seems, travelling without parents is weird. Dunno about you, its ingrained in the head of mine that my parents will organise most things for me :)

Any requests for gifts can be made by sms or email. Electronics? dvds? duty free stuff, etc etc.

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Doom 3

Graphics have come along way:


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Test image


me in 50 years time

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