November 21, 2004

Friday night

Friday night Janda, Ed and i met up with Sai who departs for a short holiday. Night kicked off at Janda's place which is located nearby SU and Central in South Sydney - watch a weirdass movie: Jay and Silent Bob strikeback.. weird!
Ate at Bigboy Cafe - Thai food, filling. After that we had a few games of pool. Sai/Steve v Janda/Dorrigo = 2:1. Highlight of the session was being challenged by 2 'sharklooking' honkie men. Janda and I sent them back, well played Janda!

Enjoy your trip sai!

Photos taken at Bigboy Cafe:

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November 12, 2004

The Ring


Download video file

clean - Aussie tv commercial.

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November 08, 2004



The feeling of out bidding others whilst within budget is a terrific one! A few entries below i mentioned i was after the Sandisk 512 USB unit and MP3 companion. This is what developed over the past 8 hrs:

512 Mb USB unit + S/H + insurance = 81.63 AUD
MP3 companion + S/H + insurance = 87.11 AUD
Totalling: $168.74

In total, i have approximately saved $50. In the end, its not about how much was saved but rather the experience itself. Along the way i learnt about eBay and Paypal, and got a better idea how to shop for cheap goods. If we were to justify the number of hrs spent shopping at a hourly rate, i would have lost money in shopping around for the cheaper price - but hey :D If you guys need an opinion about ebay or u wanna know more about my experience drop me a line.

I'm glad that a decision has been made and now i await for the goods to arrive!

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November 06, 2004

Artaxian Mantra

Artaxian Mantra were performing at the Mandarin Club just lastnight, on level 4. My mate Maryn who i know from work is in the band; it was great to see him in action. His sister was on vocals and it was a stange seeing her do her stuff. On past occasions when we'd spoken she had come across as an eloquent innocent gal. GUESS NOT :)

After their gig, made tracks to meet up with the Info Sys'ers John and Nick. Met up at bar26, just opposite the aquarium. Its a great lil place, 1 storey up overlooking Cockle Bay. Nice beats and ambience, the night went pretty quick.

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November 03, 2004

What is Faith?

It's taken just under 10 years for me to figure this out. Why my mother, is the way she is. Don't get me wrong, i will always have unconditional love for her and i know she bothers to put in the hard words because she wants the best for me. But waht ive failed to comprehend is the reason why shes always been on my case.

You know the feeling when a manager, authoritive figure or even a random is on your back? That there's always something to do or what you have done so far isn't correct in their eyes? I feel that every minute i am around my mother and father, im in the 'doghouse' so to speak. And the reason why mum is the way she is, is because of a lack of faith.

What is faith? I decided to go with the undisputed source of information and Google the word: faith.

1. complete confidence in a person or plan etc; "he cherished the faith of a good woman"; "the doctor-patient relationship is based on trust"

2. a rational attitude towards a potential object of knowledge which arises when we are subjectively certain it is true even though we are unable to gain theo訃etical or objective certainty. By contrast, knowledge implies objective and subjective certainty, while opinion is the state of having neither objective nor subjective certainty. Kant encouraged a more humble approach to philoso計hy by claiming to deny knowledge in order to make room for faith-i.e., by dis限tinguishing between what we can know empirically and what is transcen苓ent, which we can approach only by means of faith.

OR simply put:

2. Faith is trust. You are sitting in a chair, and have faith that it won't drop you to the floor.

Thankyou google. I now believe that mum has completely no faith in me, and that in itself hurts. I'd rather not gossip or 'slander' my blood but rather talk about faith some more.

What causes people to loose faith? To me faith is about trust and hope. Perhaps due to events in ones life, the outcomes of these events go against what they believe to be appropriate/fair. Perhaps these experiences deludes(?) them and since their faith (trust and hope) keeps being squash to bits and pieces, they give up and just stop putting trust and hope into things.

(Which leads me to think as i type what have i done that squashed my mothers hope and trust in me???) I speculate that it wasnt me (i hope!).

How does one gain faith? is the concept of gaining faith valid? I guess it can be looked at a religious level among others but what im now thinking is the scenario when person A meets someone new (person B). Person A approaches B. A MUST be open to new things, as they approached B not knowing what he/she would be like. For the aquaintance/friendship to work, an open mind is needed and to me, that in itself is a form of faith. Trust that what they say/express about themselves is the truth/appropriate.

I'm beginning to think i've dug myself a hole that i can't get out off! Well, i've lost track of the msg i was hoping to convey - hopefully you'd be able to comprehend something outta this rant. If you have something to add, or perhaps u disagree wiht something i've said - post a reply :D

Thats it for now

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November 02, 2004

Flash memory + MP3

This is pretty close to the features that i require. The only problem here is the battery life. Powered by 1 x AAA battery, battery life is stated as 7 hrs. Do you think it is worth it?

Product costs:
512MB flash unit - 95AUD
MP3 Companion - 100AUD
Total: 195AUD

Battery costs:
1 x AAA - 2.50AUD
assuming battery will last 1 week
Monthly cost: 10AUD

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