April 19, 2005

Remix: Singing in the rain


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April 18, 2005

Recent Observations

Note to self: You have hair on your (metacarpal) fingers.

Humans blindly follow others. This morning i was waiting at the intersection of Castlereigh and Market St. The pedestrian lights were red, cars were streaming thru. There was a questionable gap that would have allowed JUST enough time to dawdle safetly across. Fellow pedestrians who were waiting on the kerb did so, and those behind that were either chatting away or had just arrived at the kerb followed suit... Four lucky pedestrians were saved by those who were paying attention to the traffic. I hadn't witnessed someone oh so close to a moving car up until that moment.

Investments. Results do not always come instantly. I'd come to the conclusion that if one was to invest (their time/money/effort), results ensued linearly. With my chinese studies, i've just started to see miniscule benifits of my studies. That is, 7 weeks in.

Mum is always right. I must learn to concede my stance with mum quicker and more frequently.

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April 12, 2005

One of those days ...


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April 10, 2005

Clubbing tips for Sydney

If you love to skip around like a kangaroo on heat, with sunnies on
(to avoid the harsh laser/strobe lighting) listening to doof, doof
music all night, go to The Globe, Home or Chinese Laundry.

If you think you are too cool for school or a bit of a glamour puss,
head to upstairs Cargo, Bungalow 8, The Loft or YU for instant street
cred. You will think you're so funky, no matter how much of a
wannabe-who-never-will-be you really are.

If you want to get laid by a cheap and easy backpacker, you're best
bet is the Coogee Bay Hotel or Shark Bar... only a short stroll away
from her hostel dorm room too, which is mighty convenient.

If you have no luck there head for the city and go to Scruffy
Murphy's, PJ OBRIEN's or any other pub with an Irish name.

If you want to try your luck competing with 30 something year olds for
some of that glamour tail, go to the Sackville or any other pub in

If action and a bit of blood is what you like, head down to the
Brooklyn Hotel (aka The Fight Club) or The Commercial at Parramatta
where you are always guaranteed to witness or be involved in a WWE
Smackdown style brawl.

If you're a wanker with money to match your inflated ego, suit up and
hit The Establishment, Horizons bar or Aqua Luna Bar where you'll have
no problems finding a young blonde 30 years your junior quite willing
to put up with your money.

If you're keen to see a first grade footballer off his chops at 6am on
a Sunday morning dazed and confused, look no further than The Empire
Hotel in Kings Cross.

If you are fresh of the boat from NZ or any other Pacific island, head
straight to "Burgundys" on level 3 of City RSL where you will feel
right at home amongst your coconut cousins. You will swear that this
is the choicest club you've ever been to bro!

If you wanna pick up within the first 10 minutes of arriving, you can
always try the vast array of easy chicks at St Pats, The Orient,
Jacksons on George, The Metropole or The Forbes.

For the young North Shore teens, Wallaby Bar or The Greenwood hotel
are the places to be seen. Make sure you're wearing your funkiest
threads, no matter how mismatched they may look. And be sure to return
daddy's BMW home safely and in one piece. If you're older than 20,
you're too old to be here.

If the line at Wallaby is too daunting for you try your luck
downstairs at Pontoon.

For the over 20 year old North Shore chums downstairs Cargo is your
graduation from Wallaby Bar, even when your 35! Here your guaranteed
to see everyone who used to go to Wallaby!

Now we all know that you can pretty much walk into any Sydney
nightclub and see Lebs - you just can't escape them! But for a truly
authentic Lebo experience, head to Rogues (Friday nights especially)
where you could find the habibi of your dreams. Special "cultural"
entertainment includes belly-dancers and wicked Arabic beats.

If you want to see the absolute scum of the earth - go to The Bridge
Hotel in Rozelle after 5am on a Sunday morning... it's a junkies

If your extremely under age, try Goodbar on oxford street, where you
won't need your ID.

If you like to wear chambray shirts tucked neatly into your chino
pants with your brown leather "boat" shoes, and still "bond" with your
old private school mates, head to the Oaks in Neutral Bay or the
Golden Sheaf in Double Bay where you and your mates can talk rugby and
drink schooners til your heart's content. You beaut mate!

If you're the type of guy who loves to get his shirt off and strut his
newly waxed chest/back/abs on the podium, step this way for UN.

Yo Yo Yo... wassup! If you and your homeboys/girls wanna listen to
some phat-ass hip hop tunez, find yourself some chocolate lovin,

or just wanna hang out with a whole lot of ghetto superstar wannabes,
then the RnB SuperClub, Mocha, Mothership or Gas is the place for you.

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April 05, 2005


Google defines:

Perspective (point of view): Human thought is relational and selective. It is impossible to understand any person, event, or phenomenon from every vantage-point simultaneously. Our purposes often control how we see things. Critical thinking requires that this fact be taken into account when analyzing and assessing thinking. This is not to say that human thought is incapable of truth and objectivity, but only that human truth, objectivity, and insight is virtually always limited and partial, virtually never total and absolute. The hard sciences are themselves a good example of this point, since qualitative realities are systematically ignored in favor of quantifiable realities.

Insight: A form of cognitive change that involves recognition of previously unseen relationships.

The way that we percieve the world(society, norms, customs, etc) around us influences our decisions and our values. As a consequence, i believe that personal perceptive abilities of the world around us plays a key role in shaping the quality of our lives.

To be honest i'm not too sure where i'm heading with this topic, i was inspired by the touch footy match i played just a few hrs ago! There are people in our society who have the ability to 'foresee' events that will most likely occur, way before the situation has unravelled. Where it be on the touch footy field, in the business environment, politics, inter-personal relationships: imo these people have this factor that makes them unique and in a position of ... power?

What allows us the ability to percieve things? What gives people an 'insight' into a situation? Past experiences, memory, values - all things that i believe shape ones perspective.

Do you reckon, YOU think differently from other people? Are you gifted inregards to your perceptive and cognitive abilities? I could ramble on awhile longer but the need for sleep has changed my mind.

In touch news: We drew, 7-7? Against the wooden spooners (i think?) we managed to let in a few weak points. Infact, all tries scored for and against Team-Suss were weak imo. Quek dominated the breakdown with his 'Splits' booyah! General field positioning was better, imo the better players on our team this game were Choi, Jacq and Dennis. For differing reasons; Choi was coming onto the ball and looked deadly many times, Jacq came into the middle of the field with a solid performance and Dennis positioned himself excellently interms of Team ball Movements. Other than that the team was pretty pleased with the result.

I think if this game occured 3 weeks earlier i would have been fuming at the effort and result put in. However, i don't have the same level of intensity anymore! nite!

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April 03, 2005

Palmers 21st

Palmer celebrated in style at Bar 333, located on George and Martin Place. I've had the pleasure of knowing him since we were 11 years of age. He's matured in an intelligent, approachable and interesting man. I reckon Palmer's many friends represents the many attributes he has. The best sample to look at are the boys from NSydney. People came from across the grade, it was good to see everyone at the same place at the same time! Katelin, Mim, Soof and Mel, good too see them as well. EVERY GUY had something to say about the excellent waitressing :)

Tristan, Tim, Tone and Ti (coincidence that we were all in 7s?!).

Geoff and Jamo


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