February 18, 2005


Team Suss gain Christine!

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February 15, 2005

Tuesday 15/2

Monday - Touch - Lost - 2:5. Bummer! Half time we were up 2:1. Try time to tone, cutout pass from yours truely. Forgot second try :< Will find out who though. Had a try disallowed, advantage should have been given but ref (admitedly) blew the whistle too early.

Btw, first game of the season, second try was by Quek, apparently he ran around 3-4 defenders, nice!

Tuesday(today) - Trivia - Won!. Adi, his mate tim, Chris Hampson, Armen Tone and I formed under Locusts and earnt $50 in vouchers at The Willoughby. gg armen and tim for the jep. question!

Observation: The past 2-3 weeks my nose hasnt been the prettiest sight. The funniest things is watching ppl scratch, wipe, touch theirs. Unconscious reaction? Deliberate hint? lol! either way yea i do find it unsettling but it is funny observing who does what!

Car accident 1 house down. Being on a crest, oncoming traffic could not see the crash zone. So, standing 20m up on the other side of the crest i was prepared to flag ppl down to a precautious speed. Alas, this bimbo airhead comes cruising down the road, i had my right had out high and early, still no reaction, two hands out, held in my best attempted trying to be a policeman, still no reaction. Waving arms, and neighbours shout of 'HEY', finally she slows down, less than 15m away from the zone.... some ppl

Observation: arguements - its about perspective. what ppl see as being right/wrong.

As seen in touch footy. Tone took a penalty tap, this involves releasing the ball so that its resting on the grass, a tiny tap from the foot, and recollection in hand(s). The opposition did not see the small hand release from tone 10m away, i did as i was less than 1m away. The opposition yelled out in anger/frustration/appeal that he didnt release. lol, i guess they have better eye sight than tone and i >.<

Most ppl are rational, lack of info, poor communication often results in arguements.

I guess this observation can be seen in the relationship i have with my mother. On that note, bed time!

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February 09, 2005

Monday 0702

Who says u cant have too much fun in one day? Kicking off the day i made way to the Centrelink office in Brookvale. Beating the crowds i arrived at 8:45, finally submitting my Youth Allowance application (after 1.5 years). Arrived at THE mall (Warringah) and purchased a new pair of boardies, mind you they're size 14! Went to Myer, hassled other staff who have been affected by the dustmites for letters. Grabbed a CD from Nikola : 'MARSALA - Music without borders'. We went to a gypsy 'gig' at the Basement on Saturday night, see other entry for details!

Tennis with Angie was at Allambie Heights community courts. Neither of us were pro or even amateur so it was good to get out there and just muck around. I tell you, the sun was a scorcher! After having my ass kicked 4-6 i had a bit of time to kill before meeting up with Adi and Tone at freshwater. I had lunch at Manly Oportos. You know your in for a treat when the burger and chips are cooked fresh, the drink is cold and the scenery is a cloudless manly beach. Predominately, uni students, dole bludgers and retirees from the west were there.

That done, the boys arrived at freshie and we headed out. On the day the water was crisp, probably around 19-20 mark. Fairly calm waves, predominately lowtide. A huge sandbar just in the centre of the beach existed which proved useful later in the day. With the air temp and sun casting a pleasant day, we ran into a few people. Angie was there! Keiran, an exMyer was there as was Steve Wrathall and his mates!

Video 1

Towards late afternoon we went for abit of snorkelling just around to the northern end near the rock pool. A steady current provided an easy path out towards the area of site seeing. Saw lots of small fishes (sry not too good with my fish breeds!) among the sea grass as well as the deeper rocky parts. The water was fairly turbid, tone suggested it was from the recent rains. A part from that, it was good to get out there and soak up the atmosphere.

Dropped Tone and Adi off around Balgowlah, popped by to Middle harbour yatch club where Ben works. he was closing up for the day but had a few stragglers hanging around. Bidded farewell, went to pick up Jacqui from her place in Belrose. Spoke to her father about touch. His knowledge of the game is pretty awesome, it was good to speak to another who shares the same passion, knowledge and thinking of the game. Not realising i'd arrived 15 mins early Jacq was alittle frazzled. Went eventually made it to artarmon reserve where we were to face 'Untouchables 2'.

After a significant psychological and physical team buildup, the tension just collapsed when 'untouchables 2' did a no show. Making the most of the time, we had a practice match among ourselves. It was a constructive period where at one stage we had 8 v 3 due to poor defending and excellent teamwork from the 3.

Video 2
Video 3

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February 01, 2005


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