April 01, 2006

What's been happening

I haven't been writing freqently, this is a great indication on how my life has been.


Moved out of home. I'm now living at Waverton! The place is awesome (wooden floorboards!), conveniently located near the station, convenience stores and take away joints close enough to warrant a walk, but far enough to avoid traffic noise. Only a 5 minute walk from The Commodore (North Sydney), lots of parks nearby.

I am working casually for Thiess Hochtief. The project is the Epping - Chatswood Railline Project, due for completion early 2008. My boss Garry Ewen is truely a legend around the place. He's highly revered by all, a nice guy with an astute mind.

I am winding down my association with Myer. For anyone who is contemplating a career there; go for it. Money/Effort is great.

Touch Football. THe boys have regrouped for WEdnesday nights at 1830. Although we're yet to win a game, we've been improving steadily. As we are in the highest comp possible, our defence has been rather... crap, and our attack rather flat. This is a function of having new players to team, meaning having to retrain their minds as well as build team chemistry. Rather frustrating but i guess as i have alot of experience it is my duty to pass the knowledge on.

There was a period where i was diving for tries for 4 weeks consecutively. This resulted in 4 scars, 2 near the elbows, and the rest along the knees and waist.
General problems: everyone playing too casually at the start, conceding soft tries. People not know how to maintain continuity. People not knowing how to play with the mentality of phases, as opposed to scoring off everything. People not coming onto the ball with pace. People not switching, etc. This will come with time.

Immigrants. Fobs. International Students. Cultural Clash? Eitherway, i find as the days pass by im encountering more non-aussie cultured folks. In fact, it seems that i'm encountering people with NO culture, more so no consideration for others. Rude, Loud, Inconsiderate, Self-centred, Capitalistic. I'm increasing being frustrated by the changing ways of Sydney. Its only goign to get more intense and i've gotta learn quick.

My eyes are rather sore, i think there will be permanent damage as a consequence of doing recent all nighters. It seems my hear is going, as well as my hair line!! The joys of aging.

I am going to purchase a Dell Inspiron 6400. Anyone have any comments? I will be putting my order in this coming monday.

Linda and i have now been going out for 10 mths!!!

Returned Bens car in one piece. phew! Thanks for the ride mate.

So much to do, so little time - self>others, work>leisure, sleep>bumming.

Recent experiences have confirmed for me that when people become jealous of you, its because they envy something that you have, that they want!

The world doesnt stop for anyone, there world is for anyone's taking and its upto the individual to make the most of what he has. The lesson for me is to get off my fat ass and start achieving more, sooner!

I hope to write in the next 2 weeks when things die down due to mid semester break. Until then, i hope everyone is well.

Posted by sleong at April 1, 2006 10:06 PM