December 05, 2005


Given that uni has finished for this session, its freed up more time for me to contemplate my goals and attitudes in life.

I've come to the conclusion that for the past 5 years, i've practically been drifting. During this period, i'd never seeked thorough answers, i lacked ambition and was essentially heartless in what i setout to achieve. Traits that i aspire to have in coming times.

Theres been not enough doing. I'd essentially stopped learning on many planes, i know that i've let down a fair few people in that time. Where to from here? Yes, i aspire to be a 'better' person (like anyone else right?), this meaning i want to become a more consistant achiever, i want to have passion and belief in what i do, and for these to come to fruition, i want to have commitment and the GUTS to do the small steps that combine to complete goals and tasks.

This dream of improving is not going to be easy. For those that know a thing or two about my personal life, there are things that are going to act as a.. burden? however im better equipt to create this shift i so desire. Primarily there is Linda. I'm also a little wiser with a gritty year under my belt (proving insightful and eventful, thats definately helped redefined my character).

Where have i gone 'wrong'? Previously when i was 12-17yo, my biggest aim was to become a great leader. Feels awkward writing this, but that was probably the biggest motivation i had during that era. Being a great leader is about teamwork, however what i failed to do during that time was to invest an equal if not greater amount of energy into myself. Consequently i think its bitten me on the backside.

About this weblog. I've had a quick read thru the previous entries. It's been predominately about events, it has evolved through the months into something of a reflective, thoughtful log. What i will do is to maintain the same attitude however im going to put some more energy in recapping achievements. I hope that you as a reader can see that i don't write ENTIRELY (nor mainly) for the sake of bragging :), but rather to keep a record for you and i to look at, so we can see how my life is changing.

I now know theres a diverse readership out there, please share your thoughts and experiences with me. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from each other?

Posted by sleong at December 5, 2005 02:36 PM