November 13, 2005

Another week

Our last game of touch was definately one of the best that we've played as a team. We were without subs, 3 guys and 4 girls. I believe that given the situation where theres no one else to rely on, we play alot better (this theory has been correct 2/2). Although we were up against the bottom of the table they had 2-3 guys who were testing the whole game. We won 8-2.

Personal highlights (what i can remember!):

Crabs - twice. THis play occurs near the sideline, against 1 defender. The person who just got touched shuffles sideways (like a crab) towards the sideline, the dummy half gives the ball immediately back to the shuffler, and a 2 v 1 scenario occurs = try. Alex and Quek scored off them on the right side.

Picking the gap. This is when ball runner and playmaker sees the gap, and a late pass breaks the defence. Both in the centre of the field, on the first one i shuffled right (like a crab) and held the ball up; doing so might i add makes the defence relax, consequently, only my defender shuffled with me thus creating a bigger gap on my left hand side. I looked, called quek, badabam, badaboom :) We tried this again later but the defence was onto Christine this time around.

Throwing the dummy. Good to know theres some twinkle left in my feet. Seems to only work against people that are new to the game :(

Maths exam. We will see how it goes, not too impressed with the paper. Industrial training. Sent off a few emails to a few companies, again, we will see how it goes.

More exams. Next one on tuesday, followed by wednesday. Linda's birthday on the thursday! (any suggestions as to what i could get her are appreciated!).

Soccer. Uruguay 1 - Australia 0. I only saw the last 20mins. Aust. were definately outclassed on attack. Defence scrambled well, to me (a newbie soccer observer), the midfield looked like they had alot of work todo. As the defence was bombarded everytime Uruguay had the ball, when we had ball it seemed we were half assed; lazy passes, poor teamwork. I'm not too sure what this means on the return leg this coming wednesday. Does this mean we have to score 2-0 to go thru? or will a 1-0 win see us across?

Daylight + Daylight saving. I don't recall having so much daylight within 24 hrs! From around 0530 to a good... 1930. Combined with the recent saving changes and exam studies - my brain has overloaded!!

A380. Qantas's new ship has arrived. It apparently flew south over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and circle the harbour at 0910.

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